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Modern Litho - Kansas City

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST

W&B: An abbreviation for work and back. Reference, sheetwise.

W&T: An abbreviation for work and turn.

Walk-off: A term given to the occurrence of plate deterioration of the image area during the printing process; usually occurs on long runs.

Washup: The procedure of cleaning a particular ink from all of the printing elements (rollers, plate, ink fountain etc.) of a press.

Watermark: A translucent logo that is embossed during the papermaking process while the paper slurry is on the dandy roll. Reference, dandy roll

Web: The roll of paper that is used in web or rotary printing.

Web Break: A tear in a web roll during the printing process.

Web Press: Cylinder printing machine in which the paper is fed from a continuous reel, as opposed to sheet fed.

Web Tension: The term given to the tension or pull exerted by the web press on the web roll.

Wedding Paper: A soft paper that is thick and holds up well under embossing.

Wet Trapping: The ability of an ink film to accept subsequent ink films.

Widow: A single word or two left at the end of a paragraph, or a part of a sentence ending a paragraph, which loops over to the next page and stands alone. Also, the last sentence of a paragraph which contains only one or two short words.

Wipe On Plate: A plate on which is wiped a light sensitive coating by a coating device; usually the first step in this type of platemaking.

Wire Side: That side of the paper which lies on the wire screen side of the papermaking machine.

Wire Stitching Or Stapling: To fasten together sheets, signatures, or sections with wire staples. 3 methods... saddle stitching, side stitching, and stabbing.

Wove: A smooth paper made on finely textured wire that gives the paper a gentle patterned finish.

Wrinkles: The unevenly dried surface of printed inks.

Writing Paper: Another name for bond paper.

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