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Modern Litho - Kansas City

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST

Vacuum Frame: Also called a contact frame; used in the platemaking process to hold materials in tight contact during exposure.

Vandyke: Brown print

Varnish: A clear shiny ink used to add gloss to printed pieces. The primary component of the ink vehicle. Reference, vehicle.

Vehicle: A combination of varnish, waxes, dryers etc., that contain the pigment of inks and control the flow, the drying and the adhesion of the pigments to the printed surface.

Vellum: A finish of paper that is rough, bulky and has a degree of tooth.

Velour Paper: A term given to papers that are coated with an adhesive and then flock dusted.

Velox: A photographic print which is made from a negative.

Verso: A term given to the left-hand or even-numbered pages of a book.

Vignette: Fade to white or small decorative design or illustration. A photo or illustration etc., in which the tones fade gradually away until they blend with the surface they are printed on.

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