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Tack: The adhesive quality of inks.

Tag: A dense, strong paper stock.

Tensile Strength: A paper's ability to withstand pressure.
Text: A high quality printing paper.

Thermography: A printing process whereby slow drying ink is applied to paper and while the ink is still wet, it is lightly dusted with a resinous powder. The paper then passes through a heat chamber where the powder melts and fuses with the ink to produce a raised surface.

Through Drier: A slower drier that dries the ink throughout without forming a hard crust.

Ticket Envelope: Envelopes used mostly for theater tickets, with no other particular usage.

Tint: A halftone screen that contains all the same sized dots.

Titanium Oxide: A bright white pigment (opaque) used for printing on metal and flexible packaging.

Toluidine Red: A red pigment with poor bleed resistance.

Tooth: The rough surfaced finish of papers such as vellum or antique.

Transparent: Inks that do not block out the colored inks that they print over, but instead blend with them to create intermediate colors.

Trapping: The process of printing wet ink over printed ink which may be wet or dry.

Trim Marks: Marks placed on the sheet to indicate where to cut the page.

Twin Wire Machine: Fourdrinier papermaking machines with two wires, instead of a wire and felt side. This assures higher quality when two sides are used for printing.

Two-sidedness: The difference in feel and appearance of either side of a sheet of paper due to the papermaking process having a felt and wire side.

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