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Modern Litho - Kansas City

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM CST

Galley: (old) flat oblong tray into which composed type matter is put and kept until made up into pages in the forme. Also a similar tray on a slug composing machine which receives the slugs as they are ejected. Also a long column of composed text matter

Galley Proof: A proof of text copy before it is pasted into position for printing.

Galley Slave: Old term for compositor.

Gang: Group of frames or impositions in the same forme of different jobs arranged and positioned to be printed together.

Ganging: The bundling of two or more different printing projects on the same sheet of paper.

Gather: To assemble or collect sections into single copies of complete books for binding.

Gathering: Assembling sheets of paper and signatures into their proper sequence; collating.

Ghosting: Image which appears as a lighter area on a subsequent print due to local blanket depressions from previous image areas on a letterpress rotary machine as well as on an offset press.

Ghosting: Marring a print by the placement of an image of work printed on the reverse side which has interfered with its drying so that differences in the trapping frame colors or glass variations are apparent.

Gigo: Garbage in, garbage out.

Gilding: Sticking on gold leaf to edges of books with a liquid agent and made permanent with burnishing tools.

Glassine: A strong transparent paper.

Gloss Ink: Quick drying oil based inks with low penetration qualities, used on coated stock.

Glyphic: A carved as opposed to scripted typeface.

Goldenrod: An orange colored paper with gridlines, used to assemble materials for exposure for platemaking.

Graduated Screen: An area of image where halftone dots range continuously from one density to another.

Grain: Direction of fibers in a sheet of paper governing paper properties such as increased size changes with relative humidity, across the grain, and better folding properties along the grain.

Grained Paper: A paper embossed to resemble various textures, such as leather, alligator, wood, etc.

Gravure: An intaglio or recessed printing process. The recessed areas are like wells that form the image as paper passes through.

Gripper: A series of metal fingers that hold each sheet of paper as it passes through the various stages of the printing process.

Gripper Edge: The grippers of the printing press move the paper through the press by holding onto the leading edge of the sheet; this edge is the gripper edge.

Groundwood: Low cost papers such as newsprint made by the mechanical pulping process as opposed to chemical pulping and refining.

Gumming: The application of gum arabic to the non printing areas of a plate.

Gutter: Space between pages in the printing frame of a book, or inside margin towards the back or binding edge. The blank space or margin between the type page and the binding of a book.

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