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F&G: A term in the binding process referring to folding and gathering.

Fan Fold: Paper folding that emulates an accordion or fan, the folds being alternating and parallel.

Fat Face: Type that is quite varied in its use of very thin and very wide strokes.

Felt: A cloth conveyor belt that receives papers from the Fourdrinier wire and delivers it to the drier.

Felt Finish: The smoother side of paper, usually a soft weave pattern used for book papers.

Felt Side: It is the top side of the sheet in the paper making process that does not lie on the Fourdrinier wire.

Filling In: A fault in printing where the ink fills in the fine line or halftone dot areas.

Film Coat: Also called wash coat; any thinly coated paper stock.

Finish: The surface quality of paper.

Finish (Paper): Dull - (low gloss) also matte or matte gloss.

Fist: A symbol used in printing to indicate the index; seen as a pointing finger on a hand "+".

Fit: The registration of items within a given page.

Flash Point: A term given to the lowest temperature of ignitibility of vapors given off by a substance.

Flat: In lithography, the assembly of photographic negatives or positives on vinyl acetate for exposure in vacuum frame in contact with sensitized metal press plate.

Flock Paper: Paper that is patterned by sizing, and than coated with powders of wool or cotton, (flock).

Fluid Ink: Also called liquid ink; ink with a low viscosity.

Flush Cover: A bound book or booklet etc. having the cover trimmed to the same size as the text.

Flushed Pigment: The results of combining a wet ink pigment with a varnish and having the wet pigment mix or transfer over to the varnish.

Fogging Back: Lowering density of an image in a specific area usually to make type more legible while still letting image show through.

Foils: Papers that have a surface resembling metal.

Fold Marks: Markings at top edges that show where folds should occur.

Folder: Machine used to fold signatures down into sections.

Folio or Page Number: Number of page at top or bottom either centered, flushed left or flushed right often with running headline.

Font: The characters which make up a complete typeface and size.

Form Rollers: The rollers that come into direct contact with the plate of a printing press.

Forme: (old) type matter or type and block with its accompanying spacing material secured in the forme called a chase.

Forwarding: In Binding, the process between folding sheets and casing in, such as rounding and backing, putting on headbands, reinforcing backs, etc.

Fourdrinier: A machine with a copper wire screen that receives the pulp slurry in the paper making process which will become the final paper sheet.

Free sheet: Any paper that is free from wood pulp impurities.

French Fold(er): Folder with printing on one side so that when folded once in each direction, the printing on outside of the folds.

Fringe: A halo that appears around halftone dots.

Fugitive inks: Colors that lose tone and permanency when exposed to light.

Furnish: The slurry mixture of fibers, water, chemicals and pigments, that is delivered to the Fourdrinier machine in the paper making process.

Fuzz: A term for the fibers that project from the paper surface.

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