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What is Green?

“Green” is a term in danger of being overused, not only in today’s printing industry, but in American business. Most of us want to do our part and this includes your friends at James Printing. Advances in eco-friendly manufacturing processes and recycled materials allow us to provide greener solutions without sacrificing high performance printing.

If you think green starts with recycled paper stocks and ends with soy ink, think again. Yes, these steps are vital to our collective green effort, but green manufacturing also includes:

* Recapturing plant manufacturing waste
* Installing motion sensor light switches for bathrooms, cafeterias, storage areas, conference rooms and other lightly trafficked areas
* Reducing AC use during non-peak business hours
* Switching to hybrid cars and trucks
* Reducing the use of Styrofoam, plastic and other hard to recycle office materials
* Encouraging the use of reusable, washable cups, plates and utensils
* Proper ink disposal, James Printing recycles all press wash, chemicals and inks.
* Increasing FTP file transfer and electronic proofing, which reduces paper proofs and overnight and messenger deliveries
* Switching from paper job jackets to electronic job tickets
* Adding a green employee idea box – you might be surprised at what our employees come up with

Reducing eco-footprints benefits everyone. Let’s take a look at the “Big 3.”

1. Use Recycled Stock. Recycled paper may conjure images of hard-to-print and harder-to-read grainy brown-tinted stock. Not anymore. Today’s recycled stocks are getting closer to the readability and printability of virgin stocks. Contact the communication professionals at James Printing early if you would like to consider switching to recycled stock. We can help you navigate areas of concern such as product availability and potentially longer procurement lead times. If your selection involves any manufacturing concerns, we’ll help you in this area too.

2. Print with Soy Ink. Soy ink is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks. Made from soybeans, a vastly renewable resource, soy inks offer surprising clarity and crispness while being kind to the earth. These inks perform best when used in book, manual and newspaper printing.

3. Recycle Plant Waste. Recapturing scrap paper during the printing process is an important step to becoming green. At James Printing we recycle all of our overages and trim-off, scrap paper waste.

The James Printing Advantage
James Printing is committed to helping the environment through green printing for over 25 years and we are working toward our FSC certifications to prove that commitment. We offer a wide range of graphic arts capabilities including expert job planning, instant preflighting, complementary proofreading, technically advanced litho and digital printing, complete bindery services, round-the-clock production and comfortable-as-silk hand holding at every step.
We’re centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri, for easy access to just about anywhere. James Printing is more than a printer; we’re a complete communications solution provider.

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