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Direct Mail Planning for the Postal Rate Increase

Direct mail is a time-tested marketing solution that’s one of the most effective and proven ways of getting out your message. Direct mail offers a unique combination of unlimited design options, response devices and personalization opportunities. Since results can be easily tracked, you’ll always have the information you need for an accurate ROI (return on investment) analysis.

The days of mass mail campaigns are over. With widely available digital printing capabilities, even the most targeted campaigns can be produced at cost effective per-piece rates. With this information in mind we do have to warn you there is some good news about direct mail and some bad news.

First the Bad News…
As you may be aware, the next scheduled postal rate change is scheduled for May 12, 2008. Here are some things to know:

* The one ounce First-Class Mail rate will increase to 42¢. The two ounce rate is 59¢.
(Note: Postal customers can continue to use the Forever Stamps that they purchased prior to May 12 at 41¢, even after the price change. Supposedly the USPS has 5 billion Forever Stamps in stock to meet increased demand before the price change.)
* New automatic machinable rates as follows:

Click HERE to view the May 12 USPS postal statement, complete with links to new postal rates.

Now the Good News!
It’s not too late to get in that last mailing. Direct mail can take on many forms including: Reply-O forms (self-mailers with perfed-off business reply cards); postcards; letters (tri-folded single or nested sheets); sell sheets; booklets; catalogs; laminated magnets and much more. Companies planning to use the power of direct mail should involve a qualified printer to help them properly plan and execute their campaigns. With the postal rate increase fast approaching, it’s worth your while to get that last mailing in at the old rates.

Direct Mail Postal Regulations
Yes, your direct mail project should look attractive, achieve your goals and offer a positive ROI. But, your first priority should be getting it through the mail! Since many expert mailers don’t know all the regulations and postal saving opportunities, how can the occasional mailer expect to do it alone? This is where your friends at James Printing come in. Over the years, we’ve helped create and execute thousands of effective direct mail campaigns. We can help you too.

The James Printing Advantage
Your job is safe with us. Upon request, James Printing can verify your direct mail design with our USPS postal representative and serve as a comprehensive direct mail solutions provider. We have eight presses (both offset and digital), letterpress capabilities for perfing, scoring and die cutting, stitching, folding, refolding, gluing, wafer sealing and more. We rarely sleep: James Printing has 24-hour production five days a week and we often expand to seven days. Let our experienced, helpful staff guide you smoothly through the direct mail process.

There’s still time remaining to save money on your direct mail projects before the scheduled postal increase hits on May 12, 2008.

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